Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Potential Ducks Starting LB Alonso Suspended Indefinitely

Kiko's mugshot
The night after Oregon's successful spring game entertained 43,000 Ducks fans was marred by the arrest of Kristian 'Kiko' Alonso, a linebacker who was poised to take the place of Casey Matthews.  This marks the second straight off season that the Ducks have been in the news for the wrong reasons.

Alonso, a 20 year old from Los Gatos, California,  was coming back from a season long suspension after he was cited for drinking and driving in February 2010.  Apparently Alonso is being charged for burglar, trespassing and criminal mischief after a Eugene woman called the police and explained that Kiko was banging on her front door and demanding to be let in.

Coach Kelly has suspended Kiko from the team indefinitely, and has been quoted as saying he is very disappointed by the actions of his linebacker.  There has been no comment on his status moving forward, or if he will be given a third chance to prove himself.  

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