Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 NBA Mock Draft 3.0

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Some picks have been traded. I used to determine these traded picks.
Round 1
  1. Cleveland-Kyrie Irving, PG, 18, 6'2, 180, Duke-Byron Scott was a great teacher and coach to the young Chris Paul and could have the same success with Irving.  Irving was one of the best freshmen in college basketball until he injured his foot early in the season.  He knows how to get into the lane and he can find the open man when the defense drops in to help on him.  Point guard has become a position of importance and tons of elite talent in the league over the last 10 years and Kyrie will be looked to in Cleveland to continue that trend.
  2. Minnesota-Perry Jones, 19, PF, 6'11, 220, Baylor- Perry had a rough start at Baylor, but his play lately has shown the hard work he has put in this year.  He is averaging 14 points this season and he has displayed the ability to take over games both offensively and defensively.  He has a soft shooting touch for a big man, which leads me to believe he can build a three point shot.  He can play the 3, 4, and 5, but he will have to add a lot of bulk.  Jones' scoring ability would allow him to back up Beasley without there being an offensive drop off, he can also back up Love from time to time.  
  3. Sacramento-Derrick Williams, SF, 19, 6'7, 210, Arizona- Derrick Williams has been one of the best players in the NCAA this year, and his recent performances have gained him a lot of draft consideration.  So far this year he is shooting 60% from the field and is grabbing 8 rebounds per outing. Right now he seems like a more polished player than the the other top SF's in the draft and would fill a need at SF for the Kings.  I believe he would be inserted into the starting line up over Casspi, who would be a great energy man off the bench.  
  4. Washington-Terrence Jones, SF, 19, 6'8, 226, Kentucky- Jones is extremely versatile and can play either forward position.  This season he has proven he can be an effective rebounder and he can also score in bunches.  He will have to work to improve his three point range if he wants to play the small forward position in the NBA, but if you pair his passing ability and athleticism with the passing ability of Wall, the scoring ability of Nick Young and Andre' Blatche, and the insane athleticism of McGee you start to see the beginnings of a young team come together.
  5. Toronto-Enes Kanter, C, 18, 6'10, 255, Turkey- Enes Kanter is a huge question mark because he was ineligible to play at Kentucky this season.  Scouts are not sure what they will get from Kanter, but they believe that he will be a great rebounder and an efficient scorer around the rim.  He has a NBA frame and has a physical style of play.  Pair him with Ed Davis and the Raptors will have a strong young front line once they finally decide to part ways with Bargnani.
  6. Utah-Harrison Barnes, SF, 18, 6'7, North Carolina-  Barnes has improved as the year has progressed, but he has still been a disappointment at Chapel Hill.  Many scouts he will be a much better player in the NBA where he will be able to create more.  The Jazz have a hole at the 2 and 3 and Barnes can play both of these positions.  
  7. Cleveland-Jared Sullinger, PF, 18, 6'9, 261, Ohio State- Sullinger has been one of the best players in college basketball this year, and far and away the best freshman.  He is a little undersized and his athletic ability is not overwhelming, but just like Paul Milsap, Kevin Love, Carl Landry and other under sized forwards he will be able to score and rebound in the paint against taller opponents.  He has a great basketball IQ and paired with Kyrie the Cavs may have found themselves a new beginning.
  8. Detroit- Josh Selby, PG, 18, 6'3, 188, Kansas- Detroit needs a point guard to lead their team, and Selby is the best prospect available.  Selby has an NBA type body already and has deep three point range.  He will need to work on being a distributor, his his hard nosed type play will fit in well for the Pistons.
  9. Milwaukee- Jonas Valanciunas, PF, 18, 6'10, 230, Lithuania- Jonas knows the game and plays hard.  He is a good shot blocker and rebounder.  Andrew Bogut is a great center, but he has been often injured and even when he is not injured he could use some help down-low. Adding Valanciunas could create a tough 1-2 punch at the post.
  10. Charlotte-Jordan Hamilton, SF, 20, 6'7, 215, Texas- Charlotte needs help, their only player with any potential is D.J. Augustine and he stands barely 5'11.  Their roster is full of mediocre to poor big men who have never achieved anything in the NBA.  Their best scorer is Stephen Jackson who is getting old and seems to be discontent.  There is no quick fix for Jordan's Bobcats, but they need to add a scorer and Hamilton is the best available.  He can light it up offensivly by taking the ball to the hoop or shooting the three. 
  11. Indiana-Donatas Motiejunas, PF, 20, 7'0, 220, Lithuania- Donatas would have been a very high pick in last years draft and surprisingly decided to stay in Europe another year.  He is likened to Dirk Nowitzki because of the range on his shot.  This selection could make the Pacers a very potent offensive team.
  12. Golden State- Jan Vesely, PF, 20, 6'11, 240, Czech Republic-  This would be a smart pick for Golden State.  Vesely will never be a flashy offensive player, but he is a rugged, hustling big man who gets his points off of rebounds and energy.  He could develop into a very good player defensively, which is what the Warriors desperately need.
  13. Houston-Kemba Walker, PG, 20, 6'1, 172, Connecticut- Houston just acquired Dragic from the Suns, and I think he will start for years to come in Houston.  I think Kemba Walker could find his niche in the league coming off the bench as a score-first point guard for 20-25 minutes per game.  He has so much offensive skill it will be hard to bottle him up on defense.  
  14. Philadelphia-Mason Plumlee, PF, 20, 6'10, 230, Duke-  The young 76ers led by Doug Collins have made big strides this year. Plumlee would fit in as a role player for this team because he comes from a winning program and will add rebounding, defense, and more athleticism.
  15. Denver- John Henson, PF, 20, 6'10, 200, North Carolina- Henson is a defensive talent who will need to put on some pounds to compete in the NBA.  He is super long and athletic forward who can rebound and run the court.
  16. Houston-C.J. Leslie, PF, 19, 6'9, 205, N.C. State- Leslie is an ultra athletic forward who is a great finisher at the rim.  Houston has been looking for an inside presence, and Leslie has the potential to be a gifted power forward.  He needs to add a lot of strength and work on his post moves if he wants to become a real factor in the league.  
  17. Utah-Brandon Knight, PG, 18, 6'4, 183, Kentucky- Utah adds another young athletic guard to its roster.  Knight has the ability to play both guard positions and would likely back up Devin Harris. He needs to improve his jump shot, but he can slash through the defense and finish at the rim.
  18. Minnesota- Alec Burks, SG, 19, 6'5, 185, Colorado- Burks is a great scorer, exactly what Minnesota needs from the shooting guard position.  Burks is a streaky perimeter shooter and will really need to improve on his range, but he should add a boost to the position for the Wolves.
  19. Denver-Patric Young, C, 18, 6'9, 235, Florida- Young is a complete upside pick.  He has the physical tools to be a great defender around the rim.  He is a bit undersized at the center position, but he has a long wing span and great athletic ability.  He will probably move to the NBDL to develop next year.
  20. Portland-Lucas Nogueira, C, 18, 7'0, 225, Brazil- The Blazers need to add some big men to their dwindling front line.  Nogueira will be a project offensively but he could step in defensively and make an impact.  He is an athletic, shot blocking center with a great motor and would really help out in Portland.
  21. Charlotte-Kawhi Leonard, SF, 19, 6'7, 225, San Diego State- The Bobcats just shipped out Gerald Wallace, and so in the draft they go out and get his heir apparent.  Leonard plays a lot like Wallace, crashing the boards and competing defensively.   I think he will be a very good player for the Bobcats.
  22. Washington-Marcus Morris, PF, 21, 6'8, 225, Kansas- Morris is a bit undersized as a power forward, but he is a very skilled big man.  He has good ball handling skills, a good shooting stroke, plays hard, and is a very efficient player.  Bringing in winners from the collegiate level will change the atmosphere for the Wizards.
  23. Phoenix-Jeff Taylor, SF, 21, 6'7, 210, Vanderbilt-  Phoenix needs some young athletic forwards who can get out and run.  Taylor is a strong finisher and can get to the rim.  He is an explosive leaper and a great defender.  He needs to work on his shooting if he is going to be Grant Hill's predecessor. 
  24. Oklahoma City- Kyle Singler, SF, 22, 6'9, 235, Duke- Oklahoma City went out and got a big man in Kendrick Perkins, but they gave away their versatile forward Jeff Green.  Singler does some of the same things Green did, probably not as well, but he is a very sufficient replacement.  He has a great basketball IQ and a very good shooting stroke.  He is a great glue guy and will be a perfect role player for this up and coming team.
  25. New Jersey-Trey Thompkins, PF, 20, 6'9, 247, Georgia- Thompkins can play inside and outside, he has 3 point range on his jump shot.  He also has a good post game, he is also a good rebounder and shot-blocker even though he lacks explosive leaping ability.  
  26. Chicago-Travis Leslie, SG, 20, 6'4, 205, Georgia-  Leslie is an athletic 2 guard and is a crazy athlete.  He is a good rebounder for his size.  The Bulls are lacking a guard who can score, and Leslie can become a good scorer in this league if he works on his jump shot.  He could be a great fit for the Bulls.
  27. Dallas-Jimmer Fredette, PG, 22, 6'2, 195, BYU- Fredette has had an amazing senior year.  Jason Kidd is getting old but has a year or two left, and could take Fredette under his wing.  Fredette would be surrounded with lots of talent and would not be counted on to be 'the man.'  He would have a lot of time to learn and change his game to fit in the NBA.
  28. Chicago-Malcolm Lee, PG, 20, 6'5, 180, UCLA- The Bulls add another big athletic guard to their roster.  Lee can play both guard positions, he has great size, and athletic ability.  He needs to put in a lot of work but his potential is clear.  He would be a great back up for Derrick Rose, and the two could play together because of Lee's height and length. 
  29. Boston-Tristian Thompson, PF, 18, 6'8, 233, Texas-  Thompson would be a great fit for Boston, he is a versatile scorer and a good shot blocker.  He is under sized, which leads me to question this pick because they already have Glenn Davis, but I think Thompson's all around game would be a very good fit for the Celtics.
  30. San Antonio-JaJuan Johnson, PF, 22, 6'10, 215, Purdue- The Spurs would be a great place for Johnson.  He lacks basketball IQ, and there is no better place than San Antonio to learn.  He is a great leaper, has developed his shot, and has averaged over 2 blocks per game for the last three years. 
Round 2
  1. Cleveland-Tyler Honeycutt, SF, 20, 6'9, 180, UCLA
  2. Miami-Kenneth Faried, PF, 21, 6'8,  215, Morehead State
  3. Sacramento- Rodney Williams, SF, 19, 6'7, 210, Minnesota
  4. Washington-Chris Singleton, SF, 21, 6'9, 220, Florida State
  5. Detroit-Thomas Robinson, PF, 19, 6'8, 230, Kansas
  6. Golden State- Kris Joseph, SF, 22, 6'7, 207, Syracuse
  7. Houston-Khris Middleton, SF, 19, 6'7, 215, Texas A&M
  8. LA Clippers- Bojan Bodgdanovic, SF, 21, 6'7, 200, Serbia
  9. Milwaukee-Klay Thompson, SG, 21, 6'6, 187, Washington State
  10. Charlotte-Marshon Brooks, SG, 22, 6'5, 190, Providence
  11. Indiana-Markief Morris, PF, 21, 6'9, 232, Kansas
  12. LA Lakers-Nolan Smith, PG, 22, 6'4, 185, Duke
  13. LA Clippers- Demetri McCamey, PG, 22, 6'3, 200, Illinois
  14. New Orleans-Justin Harper, PF, 21, 6'10, 225, Richmond
  15. New York-Jon Leuer, PF, 21, 6'10, 230, Wisconsin
  16. Chicago- LaceDarius Dunn, SG, 6'4, 23, 196, Baylor
  17. Golden State- William Buford, SG, 22, 6'5, 190, Ohio State
  18. Memphis- Wally Judge, PF, 20, 6'9, 230, Kansas State
  19. Portland-Tyler Zeller, C, 21, 7'0, 220, North Carolina
  20. Detroit- Tyshawn Taylor, PG, 20, 6'3, 180, Kansas
  21. Philadelphia- E'Twaun Moore, SG, 22, 6'4, 184, Purdue
  22. Atlanta-Tobias Harris, SF, 18, 6'8, 210, Tennessee
  23. Orlando-Renardo Sidney, PF, 21, 6'9, 265, Mississippi State
  24. Cleveland- Jeremy Tyler, PF, 19, 6'11, 245,
  25. LA Lakers-Jereme Richmond, SF, 18, 6'8, 195, Illinois
  26. Sacramento-Elias Harris, SF, 21, 6'7, 180, Gonzaga
  27. Dallas- Festus Ezeli, C, 21, 6'11, 255, Vanderbilt
  28. LA Lakers-Robin Benzing, SF, 22, 6'10, 210 Germany
  29. Boston-Jordan Williams, C, 20, 6'10, 260, Maryland
  30. San Antonio- Darius Morris, PG, 20, 6'4, 200, Michigan


  1. You really messed up the second round.

  2. How so, the draft order or the picks? i know it is a little weak in places

  3. Houston doesn't have the Knicks pick. They just have the right to swap picks.

  4. That's right. They have their 13th pick, because they didn't swap picks. They have acquired the 16th pick from the Suns. After seeing your post I did check and I have messed up. Denvers' pick at 15 should be New York in this scenario, since then the order has shifted. I gave Denver the 2011 first round pick instead of the 2014 first round pick, my mistake. This will be fixed in an updated version, m apologies.