Friday, February 11, 2011

NBA Draft 2.0

Second edition: So far there is not a lock for the number one pick but Barnes is starting to make an impact.  Leave comments let me know what you think!

Check out the database to see a list of recently updated mocks.  NBA Mock Draft Database

  1. Cleveland-Perry Jones, 19, 6'11, 220, PF- Jones has been playing much better lately with a break out game against Texas A&M.  He is almost too unselfish but when he makes an aggressive move it usually ends up with a bucket.  He has great shooting touch and he attacks the board.
  2. Sacramento-Harrison Barnes, 18, 6'7, 212, SF- Barnes has been playing much better as of late, he still has a ton of room to improve and his ceiling is sky high.  A mix of Cousins, Evans, and Barnes could be a great offensive tandem down the road.  As I said in my first mock, it really depends on the maturation of Evans and Cousins.
  3. Minnesota-Terrance Jones, 19, 6'8, 226, SF- Jones is a multi talented wing player who can play multiple positions.  If Minnesota wasn't so wrapped up in Rubio I think they would pick Irving, but Jones can help.  He can back up either Beasley or Love.  Many compare him to Lamar Odom if he pans out to his potential.
  4. Toronto- Kyrie Irving, 18, 6'2, 180, PG- Kyrie would be a good fit with Derozan.  That would be a great young back court with Irving's ability to create for his teammates and hit the open man.  He reminds me a lot of Chris Paul with the way he controls the court as a PG.
  5. Washington- Jared Sullinger, 18, 6'9, 261, PF- Sullinger is having a great year for OSU.  The player of the year candidate is dominating collegiate competition.  He is undersized to play the power forward, but he plays with power, heart, and his high basketball IQ allows him to be in the right place at the right time.  
  6. New Jersey-Jordan Hamilton, 20, 6'7, 215, SF- The Nets have a need at the small forward and Hamilton has the potential to be a great offensive player.  I have heard scouts such as Chad Ford say his ceiling is Rashard Lewis.  He can score in a variety of ways, just what the Nets need.
  7. Detroit- Enes Kanter, 18, 6'10, 255, PF/C- Detroit could pair Kanter with Monroe and have a very strong and large 1-2 punch up front.  Kanter is a banger down low and a great rebounder.  He needs to work at finishing around the glass but he has the potential to go Number 1 over all if he does well in workouts. 
  8. LA Clippers-Josh Selby, 18, 6'3, 188, G-The Clippers have young talent at every position.  They can take the best player available with this pick, Selby.  He has a lot of upside and also can back up both Gordon and Bledsoe in the future.
  9. Milwaukee-Jonas Valanciunas, 18, 6'10, 230, PF- Valanciunas is a big physical player who can help Bogut crash the glass.  This could be a great combination defensively and on the offensive boards.  
  10. Charlotte-Derrick Williams, 19, 6'7, 210, SF- The Bobcats need a player who can score the ball.  Derrick Williams could develop into a lethal offensive player who can play small forward and some power forward depending on the match up.  
  11. Indiana-Donatas Motiejunas, 20, 7'0, 220, PF- Indiana would love the sweet stroke of the tall european.  Matched with Hibbert Indiana would have a massive front line, and would also be able to stretch defenses with lethal three point shooting at the 2,3,4 positions if Paul George continues to improve and they keep Granger.
  12. Golden State-Kawhi Leonard, 19, 6'7, 225, SF- Leonard could be a great addition to this high paced team.  If he continues to improve at the next level he and Dorrell Wright could solidify the Warrior's SF position.  
  13. Philadelphia-Jan Vesely, 20, 6'11, 240, PF/C- Vesely was considered a lottery pick last year.  The 76ers could use a big man to consistently hustle and crash the boards.  He is very athletic and would fit in with the 76ers' athletic roster.
  14. Houston-Kemba Walker, 20, 6'1, 172, PG-  Aaron Brooks is not working out as well this year.  He has been involved in many trade rumors of late.  Kemba Walker could come in and add leadership and the same kind of scoring Brooks provides.  
  15. Phoenix-Patric Young, 19, 6'9, 235, PF/C- Patric Young has struggled this year and David Thorpe said he could be next years Daniel Orton.  His physicality reminds me of Amare but he is less talented.  Phoenix takes a chance on him and hopes he develops into a low-post presence next to Robin Lopez.
  16. New York-Jimmer Fredette, 21, 6'2, 195, PG- Jimmer has been great this year.  He would be a great fit in D'antonio's run and gun offensive.  He has unlimited range and in this system could develop into a great quarterback for the offense.  
  17. Minnesota-Lucas Nogueira, 18, 7'0, 225, C-  Darko is having a good year but I am not sure if he is a long-term fix.  Nogueira is a physical beast with a lot of upside if he develops his skills to go along with the athleticism.  Minnesota takes him as a project who could pay off down the road.   
  18. Portland-Brandon Knight, 18, 6'4, 183, PG- Portland needs height desperately but they also need a floor general.  Brandon Knight is a score first guard but he could develop into the next point guard to do big things coming out of John Calipari's system.  
  19. Denver-John Henson, 20, 6'10, 200, PF- John Henson could go much higher than this if a team becomes enamored with him.  He could also slip in this draft.  I think at this point in the draft he is a great value.  He needs to add a lot of bulk and strength.  He reminds me of a Tayshaun Prince type player, he can hit the boards, his shot has some range, and he is active on defense.
  20. Minnesota-Klay Thompson, 21, 6'6, 187, SG- Minnesota needs a good shooting guard.  This draft is very weak in this area and Thompson is the best available.  
  21. Portland-Tristian Thompson, 18, 6'8, 233, PF- Portland addresses its need for an upfront presence.  Thompson is a little under sized but has a huge wing span to make up for it.  He plays with a lot of heart and hustle and could really help out in portland.  
  22. Phoenix- Chris Singleton, 21, 6'9, 220,SF-  Singleton is a good scorer but has had an up and down career at FSU.  He reminds me of Al Thornton.  
  23. Atlanta-Tyler Zeller, 21, 7'0, 220, C- Atlanta needs a big man so they can move Horford to his natural position, PF.  Zeller's play has picked up as of late and he had a great game against Rival Duke.  He needs to add weight but he could be a productive big man in the league.
  24. Oklahoma City-Thomas Robinson, 19, 6'9, 230, PF-Oklahoma continues to build their young roster by adding another young player to their front court.  Chad Ford thinks Robinson could be one of the steals of this draft.  
  25. Chicago-Marcus Morris 21, 6'8, 225, PF- Marcus Morris has a versatile skill set but is a tweener.  He could become a very good role player with his consistent jump shot, or he could turn into the latest James Johnson.  
  26. New Jersey-Alex Burks, 19, 6'6, 185, SG- The Nets need more scoring, Alex Burks can light it up on any given night.  He is very athletic and could fit nicely with the Net's young roster.
  27. Dallas-Kenneth Faried, 21, 6'8, 215, PF- Faried is another player who could be a steal in this draft.  He is a collegiate veteran and plays with a lot of heart. He can come in for Dirk and play some valuable minutes for Dallas right away.
  28. Boston-Nolan Smith, 22, 6'4, 185, PG- A heady player  that could be a great back up for Rondo.  Between Rondo, Avery Bradley, and Nolan Smith, the Celtics would have the ability to shut down guards at will.
  29. Toronto-Kyle Singler, 22, 6'9, 235, SF- Kyle Singler adds lots of shooting to a Raptors team that struggles in that area.  With Kyrie making plays for Derozan, Singler could sneak out past that 3 pt line and make a name for himself.  
  30. San Antonio-JaJuan Johnson, 22, 6'10, 215, PF- Johnson has improved each year at Purdue.  He has developed a nice jump shot to go along with his shot blocking.  He needs to add strength but could be a great addition to the Spurs front line rotation.
Some picks have been traded. I used to determine these traded picks.

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