Thursday, February 17, 2011

NFL Draft 2.0

Round 1

  1. Carolina (2-14)-Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn- Fairley is an aggressive and athletic defensive tackle.  He will bring a new identity of nastiness to the front line of Carolina and will have an immediate impact.  I would not expect a Suh-sized effort out of Fairley next year but I do expect him to have a great career.Denver 
  2. (4-12)-A.J. Green, WR, Georgia- A.J. is by far the premiere offensive talent in the 2011 draft.  The Broncos could stabilize their defense with either Bowers or Peterson but if Teabow is their QB of the future they need to get him some weapons asap.  Green needs to put on a little bulk to take hits week after week but he has immense talent and will  complete a great core at the wide receiver position in Denver
  3. Buffalo (4-12)- Cam Newton, QB, Auburn- Mel Kiper has Newton going third over all after his successful workout in front of scouts last week, and I agree.  The Bills have needs at most positions, but the QB position is the most important in the game today.  Newton possesses a wide array of skills and has a lot of upside in his passing game.  Has his passing improves in the next level it will create opportunities to use his legs as he did in college.  
  4. Cincinnati (4-12)- Da'Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson- Bowers will help out with his pure pass rushing skills and freaky athleticism.  He has the potential to be a Julius Peppers type player, thus all of the talk about him being a potential number 1 pick.  The Bengals have some impressive young players on defense and Bowers add to this developing group.
  5. Arizona (5-11)- Blaine Gabbart, QB, Missouri- Arizona needs a QB, if the CBA is done before the draft I expect them to use this pick as trade bait to try and secure the position with either Kolb or Palmer, but in this scenario they pick Gabbart.  He is said to be more NFL ready that Newton and he could help this position right away.  He is a very accurate QB and has the arm strength and NFL passer needs.
  6. Cleveland (5-11)- Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M- Miller will make an impact for the Browns' defense.  He is a great pass rusher and also has talent in coverage.  He can also play the run with his quickness and his great motor.
  7. San Francisco (6-10)- Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU- Like the Cardinals I believe the 49ers would love to shop this pick for Kolb.  The addition of Peterson will turn the 49ers' defense a power house.  He has great ball skills and he is a large physical defender.
  8. Tennessee (6-10)-Marcell Dareus, DE/DT, Alabama- Jason Babin is going to be a free agent so the Titans will need to put some cement on their defensive front.  Dareus is a big defender who can play either tackle or end, is very effective rushing the passer and stopping the run.
  9. Dallas (6-10)-Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska- Dallas needs help in their secondary.  Mike Jenkins has made some exciting plays but is not very consistent.  Prince can take the 2nd starting position for the Cowboys right away.  He is a close second to Peterson as far as cornerbacks go in this draft.
  10. Washington (6-10)-Robert Quinn, DE, North Carolina- The Redskins need a QB but the top two prospects are off the board.  Their Defense also needs a big lift.  They pick Quinn and hope he is the answer.  They need a pass rusher and Quinn can rush out of the linebacker position and the defensive end position.  
  11. Houston (6-10)-Julio Jones, WR, Alabama- Julio Jones and Andre Johnson could be a lethal combination for Schaub to have.  Jones could become a decent first option on another team but he could flourish as a second option behind Johnson.  Being a second option would allow Jones to fix his main problem, catching the ball consistently, it will also allow him to work with one on one coverage and use his natural athleticism and ability.
  12. Minnesota (6-10)-J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin- Watt has a non-stop motor and is a very versatile pass rusher.  He will add some youth on an aging defensive line. 
  13. Detroit (6-10)-Nate Solder, OT, Colorado- Matt Stafford was injured must of last season because of the Lions lack of pass protection.  Nate Solder is the best offensive lineman in the draft and he will step in as a starter.  
  14. St. Louis (7-9)-Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado- The Rams would love it if Julio Jones slipped to them but they take Smith.  Smith has jumped up the boards lately and would help the Rams out defensively.  He is a tall, strong defender who will improve a young defense.
  15. Miami (7-9)-Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama- The Dolphins add Ingram to inject some youth into their running back core.  Ricky Williams is beginning to show his age and Ronnie Brown has consistent injury problems.  Ingram won a Heisman for a reason, he has quick feet and a quick powerful burst through the hole.  
  16. Jacksonville (8-8)-Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa- Jacksonville has a lot of needs but Clayborn is a solid pick and will be a good addition across from Aaron Kampman.  
  17. New England - from Oakland (8-8)-Cameron Jordan, DE, California- Jordan is a underrated versatile prospect, sound familiar for the Patriots? He can help out with the run stopping and he can get to the passer.  He will be a huge help on the defensive front.  
  18. San Diego (9-7)-Tyron Smith, OT, USC-  He is not an ultra physical pass protector but because of his great footwork he can stay in front of defenders.  His athletic ability gives him the upside to develop into a great blindside protector.
  19. New York Giants (10-6)-Akeem Ayers, OLB, UCLA- The Giants have a great defensive line and the addition of Ayers gives them a freaky athlete that can get to the QB from the outside linebacker position.  This just means more problems for QB's facing the Giants.  
  20. Tampa Bay (10-6)-Ryan Kerrigan,DE,Purdue- Kerrigan had a great senior year and his experience will be a great addition to the Buc's defensive line.  McCoy and Kerrigan could form a solid line for the young developing team.  
  21. Kansas City (10-6)-Corey Liugent, DT, Illinois- The Chiefs go for the defense in the first round again this year.  Liugent's stock has sky rocketed lately and the Chiefs jump at the chance to get him.  He adds another young defensive lineman along with Glen Dorsey for Kansas City's 3-4 scheme.
  22. Indianapolis (10-6)-Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College- Indy needs to get some help on the offensive line to protect the aging Manning.  Castonzo has not been injury prone in college and his high football IQ is a perfect fit with the Colts.
  23. Philadelphia (10-6)- Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin- Carimi is a great run blocker.  He will have to quickly develop into a pass protector so Vick doesn't take so many hits next year.  
  24. New Orleans (11-5)-Muhammed Wilkerson, DT, Temple- Wilkerson can get to the QB from the tackle position.  He will provide an upgrade for the Saints as they try to make another title run.  
  25. Seattle (7-9)-Jake Locker, QB, Washington- Locker has really lost a lot of momentum going into this draft process.  He really struggled in the senior bowl, but I do think that the Seahawks will take a chance on his potential to be the long term fix once Hasselbeck retires.
  26. Baltimore (12-4)-Randall Cobb, WR, Kentucky- Cobb will give Flacco a legitimate deep threat.  Houshmanzadeh and Boldin are great possession receivers but neither have the speed to get down field, Cobb can do just that.  He also adds excitement to the return game. 
  27. Atlanta (13-3)-Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland- If Smith develops at the second level it will give Matt Ryan a legitimate second option next to Roddy White in the passing game.  Smith has a great work ethic and shows all the signs of being able and willing to put in the necessary work to develop at the next level.
  28. New England (14-2)-Justin Houston, DE/OLB, Georgia-  Justin Houston had a great year with 11 sacks. He showed a lot of skill getting to the QB.  With this pick New England gets its second pass rusher with first round talent, their defense should be much improved in this area next year.
  29. Chicago (11-5)-Mike Pouncey,G,Florida- The Bears need an upgrade on the offensive line to protect Cutler.  As we have seen with his brother, Steelers' Maurkice Pouncey, Mike will be able to step in right away and have a huge impact.
  30. New York Jets (11-5)-Phil Taylor, NT, Baylor- Taylor is a 350 LB nose tackle, exactly what the Jets need to strengthen their defensive line in the 3-4 scheme.  Jenkins has been out all but seven games the last two years and there is no certainty he will be the same player he was when he returns.  Taylor gives the Jets a great back up plan and a player for the future.
  31. Pittsburgh (12-4)-Benjamin Ijalana, OT, Villanova-The Steelers' offensive line was in shambles by the end of the year.  Injuries plagued them all year.  Ijalana is a versatile player who can step in immediately if there is an injury.
  32. Green Bay (10-6)-Mikel Leshoure, RB, Illinois- The packers only weakness on offense was their running game.  Leshoure will provide some stability at the position if the often injured Ryan Grant does not last the entire season.
Round 2
    1. New England - from Carolina (2-14)-Cameron Heyward, DE/DT,Ohio State- New England continues to address their front seven adding yet another versatile defensive lineman.  Heyward was pegged as a potential first rounder at the beginning of the season but dropped a little.  He will fit right in for the Pats.
    2. Buffalo (4-12)-Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State-  The Bills pick up a quality tackle to protect their new franchise QB.  
    3. Cincinnati (4-12)-Rahim Moore, S, UCLA- Moore can fly all over the field and has a nose for the ball.  The Bengals pick up the top safety in this draft class and continue to add talent to their defense.
    4. Denver (4-12)-Aaron Williams, CB, Texas- Denver needs help at the cornerback position.  Williams has a lot of talent but goes for the big play too often. Bailey can mentor Williams in his last few years.
    5. Cleveland (5-11)-Drake Nevis, DT, LSU-  Cleveland adds Nevis, a potential first found talent, too their front line.  Their front seven should get much better because of these first two additions.  
    6. Arizona (5-11)-Kyle Rudolph, TE,  Notre Dame- Arizona gets Gabbart a steady target at the tight end position.  Rudolph is the top TE in the draft and will be a consistent contributer at the next level.  
    7. Tennessee (6-10)-Dan Watkins, G, Baylor- The Titans need to upgrade their front line and Dan Watkins will provide some help in that area.  
    8. Dallas (6-10)-Robert Sands, S, West Virgina- Dallas continues to address their weak secondary.  They look to the 6'5 Sands for help.
    9. Washington (6-10)-Ryan Mallet, QB, Arkansas- Washington missed out on their QB of the future in the first round, they make up for that and take the huge QB Mallet in the second.  
    10. Houston (6-10)-Bruce Carter, OLB, North Carolina- Houston can fill out their linebacking core with Carter.  He is a very fast linebacker who has a lot of potential but he needs to fine tune his instincts.
    11. Minnesota (6-10)-Colin Kaepernick, QB, Nevada- Minnesota fills the void at QB with Kaepernick.  His stock has come on late after he impressed scouts at the senior bowl.
    12. Detroit (6-10)-Kendrick Burney, CB, North Carolina- Another player who impressed at the senior bowl.  Detroit picks up the experienced cornerback in hopes that he can help the very poor secondary from last season.  
    13. San Francisco (6-10)- Seth Paea, DT, Oregon State- The 49ers continue to build a strong young defense with the massive Paea as the anchor.  Paea is said to be one of the strongest players in the draft and he should demand double teams.  He would have been a first rounder if he had not been injured in the senior bowl.  He will create lots of holes for Willis to get through.  
    14. Denver - from Miami (7-9)-Marvin Austin, DT, North Carolina- Austin sat out the year because of NCAA violations but Denver scores big with this interior lineman.  
    15. St. Louis (7-9)-Leonard Hankerson, WR, Miami- They didn't end up with Julio Jones in the first round so they make it up with Hankerson in the second.  Hankerson has the ability to become a big time target in the next level.
    16. Oakland (8-8)-Jonathan Baldwin, WR, Pittsburgh- Baldwin is a first round talent at the wide receiver position, the only thing that is dropping his stock is attitude problems.  Sounds like a perfect fit for the Raiders.
    17. Jacksonville (8-8)-Will Rackley, G, Lehigh- He will give the offensive line a boost and help create room for MJD.
    18. San Diego (9-7)-Martez Wilson,ILB, Illinois- San Diego's linebacking core is not what it once was.  Martez is the best prospect at the inside linebacker position.
    19. Tampa Bay (10-6)-Ross Homan, OLB, Ohio State- Tampa needs an outside linebacker and with the top prospects already gone Homan is the best available.
    20. New York Giants (10-6)-Ryan Williams, RB, Virginia Tech- Brandon Jacobs' play is inconsistent and Ahmad Bradshaw is consistently hurt.  Ryan Williams adds a third weapon in the backfield when healthy.
    21. Indianapolis (10-6)-Stanely Havili, FB, USC- This may be high for the Southern California full back, but Havili would be a great option out of the back field for Peyton, he would also be great at picking up blitzes giving Manning more time in the pocket.
    22. Philadelphia (10-6)-Stefen Wisniewski, C, Penn State- The Eagles continue to build a strong foundation up front to give Vick protection.
    23. Kansas City (10-6)- Brandon Harris, CB, Miami- I realize that this is not necessarily a need for Kansas City, but this addition to their secondary could make them one of the best young groups in the league. 
    24. New Orleans (11-5)-D.J. Williams, TE, Arkansas- They have Jeremy Shockey but he is often injured and is getting older.  D.J. Williams is the top rated tight end for Mel Kiper and at this point he is a steal.
    25. Seattle (7-9)-Jacquizz Rogers, RB, Oregon State- Pete Carroll has first hand experience against Rogers.  He is strong for such a small back and once he makes it to the second level he is hard to catch.
    26. Baltimore (12-4)-Greg Jones, LB, Michigan State- Ray Lewis' career is coming to an end.  Jones will never fill the shoes Lewis will leave behind but he is a ferocious tackler and can help in coverage.
    27. Atlanta (13-3)-Shane Vereen, RB, California- He is great coming out of the back field as a receiver.  He can spare turner on third down, a much needed rest for Turner who is at risk of getting worn down.
    28. New England (14-2)-Titus Young, WR, Boise St.- Young can vertically stretch the field for Tom Brady.  Young is a speedster and reminds me a lot of Mike Wallace.
    29. San Diego - from New York Jets (11-5)-Sam Acho, DE, Texas- Acho is a big and experienced rusher who can also play linebacker in the 3-4 system.  
    30. Chicago (11-5)-Greg Little, WR, North Carolina- Little has a 6'2 frame and will be a nice target for Cutler.
    31. Pittsburgh (12-4)-Jerrell Powe, DT, Mississippi- Powe is a huge defensive tackle who could replace Casey Hampton.
    32. Green Bay (10-6)- Ras-I Dowling, CB, Virgina- Dowling will help out for a spotty defensive secondary in Green Bay.


    1. A spotty Packers secondary? This mock has just proved worthless

    2. Point taken, Tramon Williams had a great year, as did Charles Woodson but after that there is no depth. I guess that is what I meant by spotty. Woodson is great but is getting old, they could use a young corner to help.

    3. The Saints a VERY happy with their pick of Jimmy Graham at TE last season and they feel he may have been the steal of the draft. With that, don't see a first rounder used on a Tight End.

    4. Packers secondary spotty...didn't you see Sam Shields play???

    5. I didn't know about Jimmy Graham, I will keep that in mind for my next version, but I had them taking the TE in the second round. I agree no TE in the first round. I forgot about Sam Shields...good call, looks like he came on late, but can we all agree that Underwood, Lee, Gordy and Bush aren't exactly the best back ups in the league?

    6. 2nd round pik for the saints,is Wasted Graham.RB or any front 7 defensive player..TY

    7. Are you F@#King insane the falcons wouldn't pass on Titus Young in the second round all they've been talking about is adding a explosive WR in the slot I like the smith pick at 27 but he is more of a outside WR and would be an upgrade over Jenkins but if young is there in the second there's no way they pass him up as they have no slot WR and if they took a RB it would be Jordan Toddman do your F@#King homework of these guy's man if your going to make a mock draft some of your picks make no sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. I think Vereen is the better pick there because he is much better as a receiver coming out of the back field. This saves Turner, and not to mention Vereen is no slouch as a runner, he played behind line that was not so great and on a team with no passing game and still had 1000+ yards.

    9. Word is that Gordy is another Sam Shields (4.3 speed) type player. They just didn't have to press him into service like they did w/ Shields.
      Underwood is done in GB. At mid-season they had him working w/ the Safties....... nuff said.
      Packers will take a CB at some point, but not in 1st round. Look for a guy like Curtis Brown in 2nd Rnd or Curtis Marsh in 5th Rnd.

    10. I will check out Curtis Brown for my next mock, make sure you are looking at the whole mock draft, I have them taking a CB in the second, but my numbering is off and restarted at 1 at the beginning of the second. The Packers are stacked and really any pick they make is just icing on the cake. They have so many players coming back from season ending injuries it's almost like they are adding players at a lot of positions.

    11. My bad. Forgot I was looking at the 2nd round.
      Packers #1 priority is blue-chip OLB to pair with Matthews. If the top 3 (Ayers, Smith, Houston) are gone by #32 pick, look for Packers to take a 3-4 DE, like Muhammed Wilkerson. They may lose Jenkins as UFA and no guarantee that Jolly gets reinstated.
      2nd round may then be someone like Brooks Reed or Sam Acho at OLB.
      Another option in the first two rounds could be a player like Jerrel Jernigan WR/KR/PR. Driver may only last one more year and James Jones is also UFA.

    12. Um, let's think about this for a moment. The Denver Broncos pick second overall because their DEFENSE was horrible. So, who do you have us picking in the #2 spot? A.J. Green? Really? We have a new head coach who is defensive oriented and an absolute NEED for defensive players. A.J. is simply not even a consideration for us. Tebow will be the backup for one more year, so WR is not a pressing need. Thanks for trying, though.