Monday, February 21, 2011

Denver's Options in the Melo Trade and With Other Players

The trading deadline is coming up on Thursday and in the center of most of the rumors seem to be centered around what will happen with Carmelo Anthony.  Many potential deals are hung up waiting for Denver to choose to send Melo to either the Nets or the Knicks.  I am going to discuss the potential Melo deals and also some deals that could fall in place after this deal.

Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks- It is rumored that Denver would pair Carmelo Anthony with Chauncey Billups, Sheldon Williams, and Anthony Carter,, in exchange for Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, and the Knicks' 2014 1st rounder.  In addition the Timberwolves would get involved sending Corey Brewer to the Nuggets and obtaining Eddie Curry's expiring contract, Anthony Randolph and cash from the Knicks.  It is also rumored that if this deal happens the Nets and the Nuggets have a deal in place that would send a combination of the three Knicks players such as Gallinari and Chandler or Gallinari and Felton to the Nets in exchange for 2 first round picks.  This saves the Nuggets roughly 20 million dollars.  Depending on what happens with Felton potential trades with Portland and Atlanta could also happen.  Atlanta has interest in Felton and if he doesn't go to the Nets he could be sent to the Hawks.  If he does get sent to the Nets then they could send Devon Harris to the Blazers in return for an expiring contract.

Carmello Anthony to the Nets- In this deal Denver would ship Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Sheldon Williams, Melvin Ely, and Renaldo Balkman.  They would receive Devon Harris, Derrick Favors, Troy Murphy, Ben Uzoh, and 4 first round picks.  There has been some talk that if this happens that Troy Murphy would get shipped to the Golden State Warriors possibly for Brandon Wright.  Devon Harris would most likely be sent to Portland for Andre Miller's expiring contract.  I would expect Ben Uzoh to be bought out or released also.  This deal would give the Nuggets a wealth of young talent and draft picks along with expiring contracts to make a move in free agency.

Other trades- Nene is a hot commodity right now, he is a restricted free agent next year and it is unknown whether or not the Nuggets will try and resign him.  So far the signs are pointing to that not happening, there has been no offer extended by the Nugget's front office to Nene or his representatives.  I think he would be a great fit in Portland, the Blazers could couple the expiring contracts of Camby and Pryzbilla to add even more cap relief for the Nuggets.  This would also give the Blazers the inside presence they have been longing for.  If Oden returns healthy next year, doubtful, the combination of Aldridge, Nene and Oden could be great.
Houston is also in the running for Nene and they have a ton of young talented players they could exchange for him such as Courtney Lee, Terrance Williams, Jordan Hill, Aaron Brooks, etc.  Pretty much any combination of their roster could land them Nene and give them the big man they have been missing since Yao's foot issues effected the rotation early in the season.

J.R. Smith-The Bulls have been looking for a 2 guard who can be a consistent scorer.  I am not sure what assets the Bulls have that Denver would want besides possibly Taj Gibson.  Taj Gibson is a vital part of the Bulls' front line and I don't believe he will be moved.  Furthermore I don't think J.R. Smith is a good fit for the Bulls.  He does not have good basketball I.Q. which has been driving coach Karl nuts for years, he is also not very consistent.  The Bulls need a consistent scorer, J.R. Smith is a streaky shooter, but when he is hot he can go for 30.  I don't think this rumor will come to light.

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