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Ranking each trade of the 2010-11 NBA season

Deron Williams was just one big name player
who was shipped to a new team this season.
The 2010-11 season has seen so many big named players traded this season that it has changed the dynamic of the league.

September 23
-Philadelphia trades guard Willie Green and center Jason Smith to New Orleans for forward Darius Songaila and rookie forward Craig Brackins.  

76ers- C+, This trade gave the 76ers a nice young player in Brackins, who has spent a lot of the year in the NBDL, that has a nice offensive game and has a lot of athleticism.  They also added a nice hustling forward in Songaila, but he has spent most of his time at the end of the bench.  I give the 76ers a C+ because they got a nice young player who could potentially be a nice roll player off the bench.

Hornets-B, They gave up the consistent Willie Green who has played in 54 games and has averaged almost 9 points per game.  Jason Smith, who had a few really nice games for the Hornets when Okafor was injured, adds height off the bench and has played in 54 games this season.   

December 15
-Houston trades guard Jermaine Taylor plus cash considerations to the Kings for a conditional 2011 second-round draft pick. 
Kings-C, The Kings took a chance on Taylor and only gave up a second round pick in return.  So far this season The guard from Central Florida has only appeared in 12 games for the Kings, so it looks as though the gamble has not yet worked out in their favor.  They also received cash so that makes the deal a little better.

Houston-B, It is not a bad strategy to compile draft picks, and obtaining one for a player stuck at the end of your bench is great.  It looks as though the King's second round pick will be high in the second round which makes this even sweeter for the Rockets, who essentially bought this pick for cash considerations.

-New Jersey received guard Sasha Vujacic and a 2011 first-round draft pick from the Los Angeles Lakers and a 2012 first-round draft pick from the Rockets. The Nets sent forward Joe Smith and two second-round draft picks to the Lakers and small forward Terrence Williams to Houston.

New Jersey- B, The Nets finally are able to rid themselves of the problems of Terrance Williams.  They are saddled with Vujacic's bloated contract as a consequence, but they also pick up one first round pick for the 2011 draft and another first round pick for the 2012 draft.  These two picks will allow the Nets to continue to rebuild their roster.  

Houston- B, The Rockets bring home a very talented, and troubled, player in Williams.  Williams has the passing ability and athleticism to be a very good point-forward in the NBA.  In his brief stint in the D-league he averaged almost a triple double.  But his inconsistency and attitude have prevented him from reaching his potential.  Since this trade he has rarely seen the court which makes the Rockets' 2012 draft pick a potential waste.

Lakers- C+, The Lakers ridded themselves of the bloated Vujacic contract and brought back the seasoned veteran Joe Smith to solidify their front line.  Smith has only seen spot action so far this year and is pretty much just an insurance policy for the Lakers.  They also lost first round pick which limits their ability to prepare for the future.

December 18
-Orlando traded forward Rashard Lewis to Washington for guard Gilbert Arenas. Additionally Orlando sends guard Vince Carter, guard Mickael Pietrus and center Marcin Gortat to Phoenix for forward Hedo Turkoglu, guard Jason Richardson and forward Earl Clark.

Orlando- B, This was the first block buster trade of the year.  Orlando completely revamped their team in this trade bringing in 2 new starters and a new sixth man and a solid rotation man.  They brought back Hedo, whose best seasons as a pro were in Orlando, and he has stepped his game up since the trade.  Jason Richardson takes the place of Vince Carter and he seems to be filling the position much better than VC did.  Gilbert Arenas' knee seems to be an issue as his lack of explosiveness is apparent night in and night out.  In addition to this lack of explosion his jump shot is no longer falling, limiting his production.  Earl Clark is finally getting some minutes and looks like he may finally round into form, if he lives up to his potential the Magic got a steal and a player that could push them to the top, but so far in his career it seems as though that is a HUGE if.  The problem with the trade is that they lost their back up big man and now have a thin front line.  Their defense took a huge hit even though their offensive production has improved.

Washington-B-, The Wizards finally get rid of their Arenas headache.  They were able to dump his massive contract on the Magic, but in return had to take back the equally massive contract of Rashard Lewis.  The Wizards are hoping that Rashard Lewis turns back into the player that he was in Seattle, so far it hasn't happened but he has been a better fit than Gilbert was.

Phoenix- C, Phoenix did not really improve or get worse from this trade.  They exchanged the under production of Hedo for the under production of Vince Carter.  They brought in Pietrus who is actually a very good fit in their system, an athletic wing who can play defense and shoot, and Gortat has averaged about 8 points and just over 6 rebounds a game.  Overall it did not seem that this trade really helped them much, but they were able to dump Hedo's contract.  Vince Carter's contract is also set to expire soon, the cap relief will be good for the team.   

February 22   
-Chicago trades forward James Johnson to the Raptors for the 2011 first-round draft pick acquired from Miami. 
Bulls-A, James Johnson still has potential but the 6'9 forward had been a big disappointment for Chicago.  He was averaging 4 points per game and only played in 13 games for the Bulls.  The fact that they somehow swapped him for a first round draft pick was a victory for Chicago.

Raptors- B-, The Raptors get a young small forward to add to a young roster full of potential.  Johnson never got a real chance to prove himself on the Bulls and I expect him to get that chance in Toronto.  He has a tons of natural ability and could be worth the extra pick they got from the Heat in the Bosh sign-and-trade deal over the summer.

-New York acquired forward Carmelo Anthony, guard Chauncey Billups, guard Anthony Carter, forward Renaldo Balkman and forward Shelden Williams from Denver for forward Wilson Chandler, forward Danilo Gallinari, guard Raymond Felton, center Timofey Mozgov, a 2014 first-round draft pick and a 2012 and a 2013 second-round pick and cash. Traded center Eddy Curry and forward Anthony Randolph to Minnesota for forward Corey BrewerDenver also acquires center Kosta Koufos from Minnesota. 

Knicks- B-, Dolan finally got the man he has coveted since James decided to head to Miami.  Anthony gives the Knicks one of the premier scorers in the league, and he should be a great fit in the Knicks' run and gun offense.  Billups gives the Knicks an experienced leader who can hit clutch shots and has playoff experience.  His ability to run the fast break and find the open man will be crucial.  Corey Brewer is a former first round pick who may come on after finally getting out of Minnesota. I only gave the Knicks a B because they lost so much of their core roster, and now they are worse off on the defensive end.  The other players in this deal may be bought out or will sit on the bench.  

Nuggets-A, Denver received a lot of assets in this deal in exchange for their franchise player.  Gallinari could become an all star in the future, he is young and is having a career year this year.  Raymond Felton was also having a career before the trade and it will remain to be see how he responds to the new system.  Wilson Chandler is also having a very good year, averaging 16 points and 6 rebounds a game.  Mozgov and Koufus give Denver 2 young big men in case Nene decides to go elsewhere in free-agency.  They also receive a 2014 first round pick, a 2012 and 2013 second round pick, and cash.  Overall this gives Denver a chance to build for a future, and they still have a chance at the playoffs because of all the 

Timberwolves-B-, Minnesota turned Corey Brewer and Kosta Koufus into Anthony Randolph.  Randolph has been moved around the league lately, and has also been hurt a lot during his young career.  He has a reputation of being a difficult player to coach and this was seen again in New York, where he rarely played.  Kahn really wanted Randolph and hopes that he can be another top pick who turns his career around for the Wolves.  They also are saddled with the expiring contract of Eddie Curry, who will come off the books this off-season.

February 23  
 Utah trades guard Deron Williams to the Nets for guard Devin Harris, rookie forward Derrick Favors, a 2011 first-round pick, a 2012 first-round pick and cash.

Nets-B+, This ranking would be an A if they had knew for certain that Deron Williams will sign an extension.  Right now they are not sure, but Williams is a great player and will immediately help out a team that desperately needs it.  I think he will be a good fit with Avery Johnson and now they have an all-star guard to spread the ball to the shooters around Brook Lopez.  They will need to continue to build this team around Williams, and they will probably need to make a big catch next year in free-agency or via trade to do it.

Jazz-B, Utah avoids a Carmelo Anthony situation next year by dealing Williams this year.  They get Derrick Favors, an extremely athletic player that many expect to be an all-star power forward soon in his career.  He is still raw and needs to develop but should help out their front line that was already full of talent.  They also get a very good point guard to replace Willaims.  Devin Harris was very sought after at the trade deadline.  They received a 1st round pick from the Nets that will be a lottery pick, so the Jazz could potentially have two lottery picks in the upcoming draft.  They also received a 2012 first round pick and cash considerations.

-Nets trade Troy Murphy an 2012 second-round pick to Warriors for Brandon Wright and Dan Gadzuric.

Nets-B, The Nets continue to be busy and add the young Brandon Wright.  They shed Murphy's big contract.  They will most likely buy-out Gadzuric.

Warriors-C, I don't really understand this trade for the Warriors.  They get rid of Brandon Wright who has been a huge disappointment for them, and they bring back Murphy.  There have been a lot of rumors that they will buy out Murphy, so this seems like a salary dump, getting rid of Gadzuric and Wright's contract and they also pick up a draft pick.
-New Orleans trades guard Carl Landry to Sacramento for guard Marcus Thornton and cash.

Hornets-B+, Carl Landry is a great offensive player and rebounder, but does not help too much on the defensive end.  He should help out immediately giving the Hornets an option when David West is out of the game.  They gave up Thornton, who is a very good offensive player but has not played much this year.

Kings-C-, I understand that the Kings need a high scoring shooting guard to go along with Evans, but Thornton does a lot of the same things that Evans does, and not nearly as well.  He will help out, but I don't think he is a great fit in Sacromento.

February 24 
-Boston traded forward Luke Harangody and center Semih Erden to Cleveland for a 2013 second-round draft pick. 

Celtics- C+, The Celtics trade away their back up center after trading their starting center.  Shaq and Jermaine are both out with injuries, and their other front court players are getting old and fragile.  They do get back a 2013 second round draft pick, which will likely have good value on it, but this depletion of their front line must worry Doc Rivers.

CavaliersB, The Cavs give up a second round pick for a back up center for Varejao.  This is a good value pick up for the Cavs, and an inexpensive one too.

-Traded center Kendrick Perkins and guard Nate Robinson to Oklahoma City for forward Jeff Green, center Nenad Krstic, a 2012 first-round draft pick and cash. 

Celtics- C+, I like Jeff Green a lot and think he is a really good fit in Boston.  He will be a good sixth man and can play many positions and is a really versatile type of player.  I don't like this trade because they traded away the heart of their defense.  Perkins was key to their trips to the championship, and the defense he brings  helped them to compete with teams like the Lakers.  The first round pick is nice, some extra picks will help them rebuild, or reload with a big trade or free-agent signing after their current roster gets too old.

Thunder-A-, Jeff Green did a lot for the Thunder and was a big part of their up-rise up the western conference standings.  That being said, the Thunder made a great trade.  Green was the odd man out this off-season because the Thunder are gearing up to extend Westbrook.  Perkins will fix the only issue the Thunder have, a big defensive interior presence.  This will also free up some space for Ibaka to move to the starting line up and flourish along side Perkins.  Those two will form a tough defensive presence. 

-Oklahoma City trades D.J. White and Mo Peterson to Charlotte for Nazr Mohammed

Thunder- B+, Sam Presti continued to build his front line bringing in the 7 footer from the Bobcats. They only gave up Mo Peterson and D.J. White, neither of which were contributors.  The addition of Nazr gives the Thunder another big body to match up against the Lakers in the post-season

Bobcats-C-, I know that Mohammed wasn't a great player for the Bobcats, but bringing in two bench-warmers on a full roster doesn't make sense.  Subsequently, the Bobcats had to release 3 players.  Neither of these players will help the future or the present Bobcats.
-Sacramento acquired guard-forward Marquis Daniels and cash considerations from Boston for a future draft pick.• 

-Charlotte traded forward Gerald Wallace to Portland for center Joel Przybilla, forward Dante Cunningham, forward-center Sean Marks and a conditional 2011 and a conditional 2013 first-round draft pick. 

Portland-B, Wallace is a stat stuffer and a defensive and rebounding monster.  He is averaging 16 points and 8 rebounds per game this season, he is athletic and a tough player.  I am confused because of rumors I have heard that the Blazers are planning on blowing up their team and building around Batum and Aldridge. This pick up would suggest otherwise, Wallace is 29 years old, not too old by any means but also not some one I would have considered in a rebuilding effort.  Overall I like this pick up.

Bobcats-C-, Another bad trade for the Bobcats.  Pryzbilla is tough, but he is injury prone and getting older.  Dante Cunningham is a hustler and has a nice mid-range jumper.  Sean Marks will not play.  Not much value to get back for your best player.

-Cleveland traded guard Mo Williams and forward Jamario Moon to the L.A. Clippers for guard Baron Davisand a 2011 first-round draft pick. Waived forward Leon Powe

Cavaliers-B+, The Cavs pick up Baron Davis' large contract so they can get the Clippers 2011 draft pick, which is most likely a high lottery pick.  This gives the Cavs two high lottery picks to rebuild their team.  Davis' attitude may be a concern but, he could also play hard to increase his value at the end of his contract.

Clippers-B, I think it was a mistake to give up their lottery pick, but getting out of Davis' bad contract is a plus.  Mo williams will be a good fit in L.A. He has a much better long distance shot than Davis.  This will be a good pick-up for the young Clippers.

-Houston traded guard Aaron Brooks to Phoenix for guard Goran Dragic and a future first-round draft pick. 

Rockets-A-, Aaron Brooks is a great scorer but not a pure point guard.  Dragic is a pure point guard that will be able to distribute the ball to the Rockets' many role players.  The Rockets also will get a 1st round pick from a team that is on the brink of being on the lower tier of the league, this could be a valuable pick up.

Suns-B, Aaron brooks is now the heir apparent to Steve Nash.  Brooks gives the Suns a super-fast point guard to run the fast break offense in Phoenix.  He may not be happy if he does not get sufficient playing time.

-Traded forward Shane Battier and guard Ishmael Smith to Memphis for center Hasheem Thabeet, forward DeMarre Carroll and a future first-round draft pick . 
Memphis-B+, Memphis needed another forward while Rudy Gay recovers.  Battier gives them a crafty veteran presence that will fill the void and contribute after Gay returns.  

Rockets-A-, Houston takes a chance on Thabeet in hopes that he will grow into a defensive presence.  DeMarre Carrol is a hustle type player but he is pretty much tossed into the deal.  The Rockets also pick up another draft pick to stash away for the future.

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