Saturday, February 19, 2011

NBA Dunk Contest

What's Worth Watching in This Years Dunk Contest?
Blake Griffin has a crazy vertical.  Everyone has seen his highlights posted on Sportscenter almost daily.  Most of his dunks are power dunks, like the one over Mozgov in the picture to your right, or spectacular finishes off alley-oops.  I am excited what he can do in a dunk contest atmosphere.

Demar Derozan came in second last year.  I think he will be Griffin's stiffest competition.  Derozan said last year's contest was the first dunk contest he had ever lost.  Maybe he will bring some new tricks out of the bag to make sure he takes this one home.

Serge Ibaka is another big man with crazy athleticism.  He gets most of his dunks off of put backs or lobs, so like Griffin I don't know what he will do in this competition.  His athleticism gives him the ability to win this competition, but he will have to do something crazy.

JaVale McGee has crazy long arms and a huge vertical for a man his size.  He has had some insane dunks this year, except for the missed attempt from the free-throw line, he is one of the best finishers in the league.  He might be able to pull off the dunk on the raised rim that Dwight threw down.  

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